Sauna has a beneficial effect on a human. It is essential to do it properly. Our sauna has excellent natural air exchange, at elevated temperatures person receives the necessary amount of oxygen that provides wellness. Sauna promotes increased sweating, which ensures the excretion of metabolic end-products and toxins from the body. Hot air and water contrast procedures have a beneficial effect and stimulate all body functions. After the sauna, a person's general health improves and harmonizes. The psycho-emotional state improves as well. Two factors play a significant role in the sauna - temperature and relative humidity. Based on the ratio of humidity and temperature, traditionally saunas can be divided into dry air sauna and wet air/steam sauna.

Lodēni sauna is best suited for two persons. 
Price includes: 
  • towels, 
  • robes, 
  • slippers, 
  • sauna hats,
Also available in the sauna (included in the price): 
  • satellite tv, 
  • mini fridge,
  • capsule coffee machine,
  • electric tea kettle, 
  • microwave oven, 
  • multi-cooker,
  • blender,
  • tableware (plates, glasses, cups), 
  • cutlery (spoons, forks, knife, corkscrew, cutting boards), 
  • tea,
  • french press tea maker,
  • paper towels,
  • hairdryer,
  • shampoos, 
  • small mangal (BBQ) for grilling,
  • grill grid,
  • outdoor kitchen with gas stove (+pot, pan).
Facilities - dry toilet outside the sauna (illuminated, equipped with infrared heater). 
The house of the hosts is located near the sauna, about 60m away.

Illuminated hot tub with hydromassage

Hot tub relaxation is an enjoyable process in which a person gains wellness and delight by warming out deep muscles complemented by a hydromassage (jacuzzi). You can change the mood by selecting the color for the lighting you prefer (white, yellow, pink, purple, ocean blue, deep blue, green, red :)). It is an unforgettable experience to be inside a warm, illuminated SPA oasis under the open sky, especially on a starry night in a winter atmosphere, as well as in harsher weather conditions.

The comfort temperature of the hot tub is in the range from +37' to + 41'C! It is also possible to fill the tub with cold water to cool down after the sauna. The temperature of the cold water is around + 4'C. In the heat of summer, the tub can be warmed up to + 25'C, so that also small children can splash around under parental supervision.

Each time the tub is disinfected and filled with purified water directly from the borehole! A special purification device was installed so that the water would always be clear and shiny! Additional bath foam available ;)


The sauna is designed for two-person overnight stays but it is possible to stay two more children on an additional double mattress. Blankets and pillows are down-filled, this ensures the breathability and maintenance of constant body temperature for a great night's sleep + white satin bed linen.


The surrounding nature, which you can enjoy on a leisurely walk, allows you to take a breath from the daily hustle. The Mēmele river is always near in its flow. We are surrounded by its beautiful meander, which has been inhabited by Semigallians since ancient times. It is also a great opportunity for fishermen to get their big catch.

Located nearby Lodēni:

  • V. Plūdonis memorial museum "Lejenieki" with a nature trail, 
  • Ribbes windmill "Rožmalas", with the exhibition "The Path of the Grain", 
  • "Mazā muiža" (Little Manor) with gallant rococo historical costumes that can be tried on and captured in photography.

There is a lot to see, get to know, and enjoy in Bauska and Bauska region. What to see? Where to eat? Extensive information about this is available on the official tourism portal of Bauska: Here at Lodēni on the spot, it is possible to get sightseeing object and route maps, just as detailed information about the objects and booklets. The pearl of the Latvian Baroque - Rundāle Palace, which you can now explore in its glory, is located only less than 30 km from Lodēni.

Sup boards

Piedāvājam piepūšamos SUP dēļus. Pieejami 4 gab., drošības vestes. Supi ir svaram līdz 120 kg.   Ja vēlies īsu, mierīgu izbraucienu, vai arī vienkārši iemācīties un izmēģināt SUP dēli, tad piemērots būs tuvējais lielais dīķis ar izveidotu eju labirintu niedrēs. Papildus lieliskai laika pavadīšanai dabā piedāvājam ~3,5 h garu nobraucienu pa Mēmeles upi no Jaunsaules tilta līdz mūsu "Lodēnu" pirtiņai. Norādītajās cenās ietilpst instruktāža, nogādāšana līdz starta punktam (Jaunsaules tiltam).  

Vari Sup dēļus iznomāt uz visu diennakti, ņem tos līdz savam maršrutam, izbraucienam  ;)