Security rules

·      When you arrive for the sauna procedure, you must be fully aware of your health condition as suitable for the specific sauna loads. 

·      The purpose of sauna procedures is a pleasant rest, so do not go to the sauna if you feel unwell or another kind of discomfort!

·      Leave the sauna with the first unpleasant sensations – burning or irritation of the skin, shortness of breath, tingling, impaired consciousness, heart rhythm disorders (palpitations), nausea, excessive redness, or patchy coloration on the skin.

·      Remember that dizziness in the sauna is not uncommon, do not get up swiftly from the bench. If necessary, give a helping hand to the others. Dizziness also occurs when cooling off after the sauna, so do not go alone to the swimming area.

·      Do not visit the sauna under the influence of alcohol.

·      Pay special attention to the stones and chimney of the sauna stove – they are VERY HOT, touching the chimney can cause severe burns!

·      The maximum safe temperature in the steam room is 90 ° C. It is forbidden to heat the sauna above 100 ° C!

·      It is strictly forbidden to pour water on the stones at this temperature.

·      It is forbidden to pour aromatic mixtures on the stones, oils on the walls.

·      Use caution when moving between the sauna building and the hot tub, especially in winter!! Icing can form around the tub in winter!

·      Be VERY CAREFUL when getting in and out of the tub not to slip!

·      It is strictly forbidden to burn candles or use any other open flame in the sauna building.

·      Smoking indoors forbidden.

·      When using mangal (BBQ) for cooking, place it at a safe distance from the building, at least 5m away.

·      When relaxing in a group, it is desirable to choose a supervisor who would look after others, check if anyone has not fallen asleep or lost consciousness in the sauna. It is not recommended to stay alone in the steam room.

·      Parents take full responsibility for the safety of their kids.

·      Report any emergency.

·      In case of an accident call 112.

·      The sauna is equipped with 2 smoke detectors, 1x fire extinguisher, 1x medical kit.


Owners of the Lodēni sauna